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What Do We Do?



In low-income communities across Canada, high school dropout rates can reach 50% or more which can have lasting social, economic, and health impacts on the individuals and their communities. Our team is deeply passionate about tackling this statistic by delivering engaging and accessible learning opportunities to improve education and future outcomes for youth. 


Step Up Virtual (SUV) is a free, online program designed for high school students in Canada facing financial barriers to explore their passions, develop leadership and communication skills, discover new careers and universities, and grow as entrepreneurial leaders.


We offer a diverse set of programming that includes business skills training, key-note speakers, personal and professional development workshops, 1:1 mentorship, and an Innovation Challenge Showcase for  students to build their own entrepreneurial ideas. 



Our vision is to provide students in Canada who may not traditionally have access to student development programs with the opportunity to build career knowledge, and leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to explore their passions, discover new interests, and grow as entrepreneurial leaders, regardless of their background. Our program goals include:

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Personal Development

Equip students with a diverse toolkit of skills (e.g., financial literacy, personal storytelling, effective goal setting) essential to future independence and success

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Professional Development

Educate students on a range of different career paths and academic fields as well as develop necessary professional skills for future scholarship, post-secondary, and job applications

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Community Development 

Foster entrepreneurial spirit in students to enable them to be stronger leaders in their communities and feel empowered to take action on issues they care about 

Meet the team


Betty Wang

Betty Wang (she/her)

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder, Programming Lead

My name is Betty and I completed my undergraduate degrees at Western University in Business Administration, English Literature, and the School of Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities. 

I have always been interested and involved in international development and women’s economic empowerment. This has led me to work on development projects in India, Morocco, Kenya, and Serbia.

I can’t wait to meet everyone! I attended a similar program to SUV in high school and it has helped shape my university and career trajectory. The best part was meeting and connecting with other students who are still my good friends today!

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